Our staff are made up of women (and two men) of integrity, that are hard working, honourable, loyal, charitable and kind. At our annual awards ceremony we honour our amazing staff for their hard work and diligence by giving them certificates and merit awards. We are proud to surround ourselves with such excellent staff.


  • To ensure that our prices remain competitive, by increasing the number of clients on our website. The more clients we have, the less we charge each client.
  • To have the most accurate, updated information about all businesses in South Africa, compared to other online directories.
  • To have the most user friendly online directory on the internet.
  • To create jobs at Online Directory Services for cleaners, gardeners, computer staff, sales staff and administrative staff which will impact our economy positively.
  • To have buying power at Online Directory Services to buy security systems, motor vehicles, office furniture and equipment which will also impact on the economy positively 

  • To help our clients businesses grow from strength to strength, through advertising their details on our amazing website.
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