Executive Team

 From left to right: , Mr Darryn Hendricks (I.T. Manager), Mrs Beverley Goosen (Sales Manageress),
Mrs Roberta Sampson (Managing Director)

Online Directory Services is a dynamic company that was launched in 2013.It is a family concern headed by Mrs. Roberta Sampson and supported by her son Darryn and her best friend Beverley.

There are other family dynamics at this company. Beverley's two sisters, Cherise and Unessa, also work for the business, together with Cherise's daughter, Shané. 

Initially the company only hosted alphabetical directory entries, but due to requests, the website has been upgraded to include categories for hosting clients classified listings and advertisements. Clients can now be listed alphabetically or under their relevant category specific to their business. 

We are a business that moves with the times and take note of our clients requests about their needs.
Our team varies in age from 21 years old to 63 years old. School leavers and pensioners alike are part of this dynamic team. We enjoy the benefits of the wisdom from the older generation and innovative ideas from the younger generation.

We are a multiracial company with the majority of our staff being women. Mrs Roberta Sampson is passionate about uplifting women in the workplace and as a Christian she also encourages her staff to follow her Christian principles.