Bulk mail marketing                                              Cost : R 394.00 per 20 000 sends.
                                                                                                  R 988.00 per 50 000 sends.
                                                                                             R 2 400.00 per 124 000 sends.

We instantly send your advert to 20 000 of our clients, in your area, at the click of a button. Our clients become your clients.
Our mass mail is only sent to authenticated e-mail addresses on our database, which we actively manage on a daily basis by adding, updating and removing records were necessary. Our clients details are current and relevant.
We guarantee that 88% of the e-mails are delivered, with 31% opened, and will provide full reporting on request.
It is the most affordable way to gain new clients, and is one of the most effective forms of advertising

Company Listings. (Alphabetical and product)                        Cost : R 1 300.00 per year

In today's digital world, your online presence is just as important as your physical location.
Our comprehensive online business directory, which currently host over 700 000 South African businesses, is nationwide, with current updated relevant information about each business. Clients can find you whether they search for you alphabetically under your name, or for your products (or services), through our category option. Either way, it increases traffic to your site.
Details such as your web address and Facebook page, have direct links from our site to your website and Facebook page. Our online traffic is directed to you via these links.

Classified Advertisements. (Increase Google ranking)          Cost : R 3 000.00 per year.

Clients will browse on Google to find you. Quality and quantity online advertising increases your google ranking, giving you an advantage over your competitors. By advertising on your website and ours, you get double exposure (quantity) This boosts your search rankings. Because we update our clients information regularly, the content of their classified advertisements are relevant (quality).
Our business will help grow your business by increasing your online exposure, which boostes your Google search rankings.

Online featured advertisement                                               Cost : R 3 900.00 per year.

Once a customer has made a buying decision and clicks onto the relevant category, their attention will be diverted toward featured adverts on that page. Featured adverts stand out and stop online traffic in their tracks ! Why don't you become the centre of attention in your field by having a featured advert under your category on our website?

Online banner advertisement                                                Cost : R 4 500.00 per year.

Want to build brand awareness?
Digital banner adverts help increase the awareness of your brand or product. It is a creative way of making online traffic aware of your business for long term marketing. It is an innovative way of increasing the customers trust about your brand.

Call Centre listings                                                                                         Free Service

Our telephone operators give out company details of businesses that are listed on our nationwide Call Centre. These business listings are not displayed on our Online Directory Services website, but are listed on our Call Centre.

Many customers phone us for information, instead of doing their own research online. 
Some of them do so because they do not have access to the internet. 
Others phone us because its quick and convenient to do so.

If your company is listed on our Call Centre, then we are able to give out your information to our telephone enquirers.

This is a free service that we offer to all businesses that wish to be added to our Call Centre. Simply fill in the 'Get Listed' section on our site and we will do the rest.

You have the option of converting your free listing on our Call Centre, to a chargeable displayed listing on our online directory site, at any time that you choose to do so.